What is Patch Compliance?

To explain you about a patch compliance lets imagine that when you are working out in the morning while lifting those 25kg dumbles you somehow got hurt on your knees or legs that too a minor cut what you do?

You apply an antiseptic or a Band-Aid so that the cut doesn’t go deeper and get spoiled by airborne viruses. As in the Band-Aid is removed you are back on your daily life routine.

How Band-aid is connected to Patch Management?

So now just imagine if your system or a machine which on an everyday usage keeps on getting cuts and before it goes deeper it should be applied with a Band-Aid that is it should be kept updated with all the latest patches to remove vulnerabilities.

In a technical language a patch management is the process of managing a network of computers by regularly performing patch deployment to keep computers up to date.  This helps to reduce the system-related failures so you can improve productivity and save on the costs associated with poor patch management.

The benefits which one can have after updating patches:

  • Security:  The network security is strengthen to avoid any data breach.
  • Productivity:  The patch update increases the productivity of the system which thereafter increases the profits of the businesses.
  • Compliance:  Patch management ensures that you stay within compliance of the security standards.

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