STRRAT data-stealing malware now posing as a Ransomware…!!

Malware Attack

Amid the global pandemic here comes a new series of tweets from the OS giants Microsoft, where they have warned with a “massive email campaign; that’s pushing of a Java-based STRRAT malware to steal confidential data from infected systems while disguising itself as a ransomware infection.”

STRRAT whic is a java based remote access tool which steals browser credentials, logs keystrokes and takes remote control of infected systems—all typical behaviors of RATs, MSI researchers described in documentation posted on GitHub about the malware.

This is a malware that has a unique feature i.e. “its a ransomware encryption/decryption module” that changes file names in a way that would suggest encryption is the next step.

How does it cause a damage?

Attackers used compromised email accounts to send several different emails. Some of the messages use the subject line “Outgoing Payments.”

STRRAT has first emerged in the threat landscape in June 2020, observing the Windows malware (version 1.2) in phishing emails containing malicious Jar (or Java Archive) attachments.

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