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Databases (DB) in AWS : These are stored on EFS, EBS, EC2 , Instances , S3

  • Relational DB : – These are like Excel spreadsheets , which can use SQL language to perform Lookups.
  • No SQL DB: – It is build for specific purpose/data, flexible schemes.

Benefits of DB:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • High Performance
  • Highly Functional

Benefits of AWS:

  • Quick Provisioning
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Vertical & Horizontal Scaling
  • Auto Backup & Restore
  • OS Monitoring
  • Alerting


Relational DB service managed for DB use SQL as a query language. It allows you to create db in the cloud.

Kinds of RDS
  • PostGress
  • My SQL
  • Maria DB
  • Oracle
  • MSSQL Server
  • Aurora (AWS property DB)

Amazon Aurora

It is a proprietary tech from AWS:

  • Post gresSQL & mySQL are both supported
  • Cloud Optimized
  • 5X performance improvement
  • Storage auto grows increments of 10 GB
  • Cost 20% RDS, more efficient

Note: Aurora is cloud native AWS RDS technology based to manage service.

Note: Relational DB will look like a Excel doc or .csv with relations between tables.

Database Migration Service

It helps you to migrate db to AWS quickly & securely. It minimizes downtime to app.

Amazon ElasticCache

  • It is use to get managed redis or memcached
  • These are in-memory db with high-performance


  • It is fully managed highly available with replication across 3 AZ
  • No SQL DB
  • Serverless DB
  • Million of request
  • Integrated with IAM
  • Data type – Key/value d/b


It is based on Postgress SQL, but not for OLTP (online transition processing)

  • 10 x better performance than other db warehouses
  • Massively parallel query execution
  • Pay as you go based
  • Has a SQL interface for performing the queries
  • Integrated with BI Tools

Amazon EMR

  • Elastic Map Reduce
  • Creates Hadoop Clusters (Big data) analyze process vast a mount of data
  • Apache, Spark , KBase
  • Autoscalling

AWS Athena

  • Fully Serverless db with SQL cap
  • used for query data in S3
  • Pay per query
  • o/p resul back to S3

Note: One-time SQL queries serverless queries on S3 , log analytics

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