Let’s understand Microsoft Azure?

Azure from the family of Microsoft

Azure the cloud platform introduced by the software giants Microsoft. Azure the latest cloud platform among the others famous cloud platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Cloud. Azure was launched a decade ago in the market.

Azure provides a wide variety of services to its users that can be used without purchasing and provisioning your own hardware. Azure provides solution and rapid development to its resources that may not be possible in an on-premises environment. To people who are new to understand the word on-premise meaning services available on your desktop not on the cloud.

Azure provides a variety of services in its kitty such as compute, storage, network, and application services that allow users to focus on building great solutions without the need to worry about how the physical infrastructure is assembled.

Rulers of Cloud

What are the building blocks of Azure?

Azure App Service and Web Apps that consist of Web Apps, Logic Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps, and Function Apps.

Azure Services includes many services in its cloud computing platform such as:

Compute services – This includes the Azure Virtual Machines—both Linux and Windows, Cloud Services, App Services (Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, API Apps, and Function Apps), RemoteApp, Service Fabric, and the Azure Container Service.

Data services – This includes Microsoft Azure Storage (comprised of the Blob, Queue, Table, and Azure Files services), Azure SQL Database, DocumentDB, StorSimple, and the Redis Cache.

Application services – This includes services that you can use to help build and operate your applications, such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Service Bus for connecting distributed systems, HDInsight for processing big data, Azure Scheduler, and Azure Media Services.

Network services – This includes Virtual Networks, ExpressRoute, Azure DNS, Azure Traffic Manager, and the Azure Content Delivery Network.

These are the following cloud offerings classified in three categories :

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS

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What is MS Intune?

MS Intune is a cloud-based management solution which provides mobile and OS device management.

To give you an example of MS intune, as in when you download any application from a play store whether it is a Google or Apple iOS, there are applications which doesn’t allow you to do some activities ex: taking screenshots these are blocked by some background applications which are also downloaded along with your main application, because of security. MS In tune is downloaded to secure your official data as if incase you lost your device the same data could be erased through in tune before your data gets in the hands of an attacker.

Lets understand some best practices to be followed, when using MS intune:

  • Create security groups for Intune deployment rings
  • Configure Windows 10 software update rings
  • Setup Office 365 apps deployment for Windows 10
  • Setup App protection policies
  • Create Company terms and conditions
  • Customize Company Portal branding
  • Configure Device clean-up rules on a weekly/monthly time frame
  • Configure Apple MDM push certificates
  • Setup Device Configuration profiles

Intune Deployment Rings

Create a basic group using the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) portal, a basic group is added to a single resource by the resource owner (administrator) and includes specific members (employees) that need to access that resource.

Windows 10 software update rings

The MDM’s should be updated with the latest software of windows to secure it from any cyberattacks.

Setup App protection policies

Create and assign Microsoft Intune app protection policies (APP) for users of your organization. App protection policies can apply to apps running on devices that may or may not be managed by Intune.

Company terms and conditions

As an Intune admin, you must require that users accept your company’s terms and conditions before using the Company’s Portal

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