What is PKI?

Public Key Infrastructure

Questions on your mind?

We often read about PKI over the net or on the cybersecurity columns even though we know its full form i.e. Public Key Infrastructure.

What is the relation PKI has with CA certificates and how all these are interlinked what key are we talking about, why only keys, not locks??

To answer all these questions we have written this blog in simple terms we will be able to make you understand about PKI.

Answers !!

PKI is the framework of encryption and cybersecurity that protects communication between server (your website) and the client (the users).

There are two keys by which PKI is working from:

  • Public Key
  • Private Key

The public key is available to any user that connects with the website.

The private key is a unique key generated when a connection is made, and it is kept secret.

How it Works?

When communicating, the client uses the public key to encrypt and decrypt, and the server uses the private key. This protects the user’s information from theft or tampering.

There are several elements in PKI one of them is a  Certificate Authority (CA) which is used to authenticate the digital identities of the users, which can range from individuals to computer systems to servers.  

The second component is Registration Authority (RA), which is authorized by the Certificate Authority to provide digital certificates to users on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, check out our earlier blog on CA and other certificates, click here.

For information on best practices with PKI , connect with the undersigned.

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