Azure vs AWS (Battle for the No.1 Spot)…!!

AWS vs Azure

Day in day out we talk about the cloud and the services provided by them. The market today is led by AWS followed by Azure and catching up are GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

There are around 160+ services provided by AWS and counts are adding up whereas in Azure the services are lesser than AWS but are also getting added up with time.

Let’s have a sneek peek at some of the important services by these market leaders:

AWS EC2 Vs Azure VM

AWS EC2 Instance Vs Azure VM Scale Sets

AWS S3 Vs Azure Blob Storage

AWS Lambda/Fargate Vs Azure Functions

AWS Beanstalk Vs Azure App Service

AWS SQS Vs Azure Queue Storage

AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) Vs Azure Load Balancer

AWS VPN Vs Azure Virtual Network

AWS DynamoDB Vs Azure Cosmos DB

AWS Shield Vs Azure DDoS


AWS Red Shift Vs Azure Synapse Analytics

AWS Rekognition/Lex/Polly/Transcribe Vs Azure Cognitive Service

For more information on the above AWS services, click here

For more information on the above Azure services, click here

We at DocTooLss are certified by AWS & Azure certificates and day in & day out make ourselves well versed with the AWS & Azure ongoing cloud services.

We can even assist our clients in understanding the cloud & the services provided by them, so no need to go anywhere or pay a huge amount of money on online big educational institutions. Just drop an email to or contact the undersigned .


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Services by AWS


Databases (DB) in AWS : These are stored on EFS, EBS, EC2 , Instances , S3

  • Relational DB : – These are like Excel spreadsheets , which can use SQL language to perform Lookups.
  • No SQL DB: – It is build for specific purpose/data, flexible schemes.

Benefits of DB:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • High Performance
  • Highly Functional

Benefits of AWS:

  • Quick Provisioning
  • High Availability (HA)
  • Vertical & Horizontal Scaling
  • Auto Backup & Restore
  • OS Monitoring
  • Alerting


Relational DB service managed for DB use SQL as a query language. It allows you to create db in the cloud.

Kinds of RDS
  • PostGress
  • My SQL
  • Maria DB
  • Oracle
  • MSSQL Server
  • Aurora (AWS property DB)

Amazon Aurora

It is a proprietary tech from AWS:

  • Post gresSQL & mySQL are both supported
  • Cloud Optimized
  • 5X performance improvement
  • Storage auto grows increments of 10 GB
  • Cost 20% RDS, more efficient

Note: Aurora is cloud native AWS RDS technology based to manage service.

Note: Relational DB will look like a Excel doc or .csv with relations between tables.

Database Migration Service

It helps you to migrate db to AWS quickly & securely. It minimizes downtime to app.

Amazon ElasticCache

  • It is use to get managed redis or memcached
  • These are in-memory db with high-performance


  • It is fully managed highly available with replication across 3 AZ
  • No SQL DB
  • Serverless DB
  • Million of request
  • Integrated with IAM
  • Data type – Key/value d/b


It is based on Postgress SQL, but not for OLTP (online transition processing)

  • 10 x better performance than other db warehouses
  • Massively parallel query execution
  • Pay as you go based
  • Has a SQL interface for performing the queries
  • Integrated with BI Tools

Amazon EMR

  • Elastic Map Reduce
  • Creates Hadoop Clusters (Big data) analyze process vast a mount of data
  • Apache, Spark , KBase
  • Autoscalling

AWS Athena

  • Fully Serverless db with SQL cap
  • used for query data in S3
  • Pay per query
  • o/p resul back to S3

Note: One-time SQL queries serverless queries on S3 , log analytics

For more information on these devices, click here

About DocTooLss :

We make Technology EaZy via Docs” 

Follow us @doctools8 | Website:| Tumblr: | Medium:| Facebook:| Linkedin:

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